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We develop Internet solutions for business and corporate applications.

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Outline is dedicated to developing Internet technologies and solutions, and offers a broad array of Internet services for consumers and businesses. We have been in business since 1998 and acquired a strong experience alongside the evolution of the technology and media.

Our customers work in various fields including Marketing Consulting, Telecom, IT consulting, Logistics, Accounting/Finance, Fashion, and Non Profit Organizations.

Beyond creating websites , we believe that companies will benefit from the Internet by making their legacy documents and information shared and amended securely over integrated applications, improving their productivity. To make this possible, we specialize in online databases, security, commerce and groupware solutions that we customize to match with your business model.

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A broad range of services as well as a strong experience in technology to build efficient websites for our customers

Website development

website developmentWe provide customized solutions and design with state of the art technology. Whether you need a custom development or a market's Content Management Systems based solution, we build you a website that will always meet with your requirements and that can adapt easily to the evolution of media and technological standards.

We develop professional websites that match your business model. Whether your website requires secured access areas, high-volume information management, or an e-commerce functionality, we will develop your project and make it “your” tool.

We work with you to evaluate all aspects of the development each step of the way to ensure you will be able to follow the project and amend it until its completion.

Application development

website developmentYour website must be fully integrated in your business model. We develop server-side customized solutions that will make it a valuable asset for your company.

We have acquired broad experience in secured access information exchange, Enterprise Document Management Systems, and customized Content Management Systems to provide you with a solution that perfectly caters to your needs.

As your application must be easy to maintain and independent from the server environment, we choose to work in open source software environments such as Apache, Linux and their programming tools (MySql, php), resulting in the best economic benefits along with the highest level of security and performance.

Website management

website developmentBecause they may not have the internal resources, some companies prefer to delegate the management of their website; we handle this, too.

You send us the contents you want to publish, text, images and multimedia documents, and we work on all that is necessary to make it live on your website.

Our services include text editing, proofing and formatting, image retouch, graphic design as well as audio and video editing.

Hosting and domain management

hosting managementWhich hosting company will offer you the best level service at the best cost?

Along with development, we set-up and configure the server where the website will be hosted. We choose to remain independent from hosting, which allows us to benchmark the vendors and suggest the best competitive solution for your project.

We also provide you with support in configuring and managing emails as well as your domain and SSL registration and settings.


Building a website for your business

strategic consultingYour website is efficient when it meets with your business objectives.

When starting a new website or redesigning an existing one, the first question to be answered is, “How will it contribute to your company's goals?” From a simple web presence to a powerful communication tool, we work with you to set an action plan that matches your business model, your company profile, and your budget.



Our contribution includes:

  • Analyzing the business model
  • Auditing the existing website
  • Defining the objectives of the website
  • Suggesting solutions to optimize the operating costs
  • Planning the budget and priorities,


Some comments and information on the market and the Internet industry.

Is your website "Responsive"?


responsive designAs mobile devices generate more and more traffic on the Internet than ever, users expect from businesses to provide not only mobile friendly but cross-platform consistent websites.

A competitive alternative to "Apps" appears to be a "responsive design" which displays the same contents adjusted automatically to the various formats - smartphone, tablets and laptops. At least two "apps" - one for iOS, one for Android - are required and eventually more as about 10 mobile OS are on the market, representing a incremental amount in development and operational costs that could be used more efficiently.

On the technical side, the tools to develop a responsive website are mature enough and offer a large set of features and solutions to make it more easier and faster. Businesses who will choose this option will keep a competitive advantage over those who did not.

To test if your website is "Mobile-friendly" , click here

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